Origins of a Hobby: How the Star Wars Toy Universe Began

It began a short time ago … at a toy maker not so far, far away. Movie-related toys had virtually died as an industry when “Star Wars” hit the big screen in 1977 and captivated audiences the world over. Moviemakers and licenced toymakers found themselves scrambling to meet an unexpected, indeed unprecedented, demand for Star Wars toys. Their initial response was somewhat lame. A few Continue reading

Check out the Exclusive Holographic Leia Figure

Exclusive Star Wars action figures have become a staple of sci-fi conventions in recent years, and none has been more in demand than the holographic Princess Leia action figure on the Original Trilogy card First offered as an exclusive figure at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the figure is now blazing sales on eBay. It was offered on July 18 for sale on StarWarsShop and Continue reading

Star Wars Action Figure Collection: Princess Leia Organa

It was her plea for help that sent us on the initial adventure, and from the moment we first saw her leaning over a little droid, we were enchanted. It was love at first sight. The rebel forces followed Princess Leia across the galaxy in an ultimately successful bid to defeat the evil Galactic Empire. Toy collectors have spent the past three decades scouring the Continue reading

Labor Of Love: Restoring Vintage Kenner Millennium Falcon

“She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts.” Captain Solo was right. My original Vintage Millennium Falcon vehicle by Kenner lies battered and beaten, a shell of her former self, but to us she is among the most valuable Star Wars toys in my entire Star Wars toy collection. The pricelessness comes from the many, many memories I have of Continue reading