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Star Wars Toy Museum is dedicated to the serious Star Wars toy collector. We have been collecting Star Wars since we first discovered the sci-fi saga in our youth. Our original Star Wars action figures are battered, but our love of the Star Wars series remains as strong as ever.

With this site, we want to give other Star Wars toy collectors the news, information and resources that they need to complete and sustain their own Star Wars toy collections.

We continue to be amazed by the amazing fans we hear from each week here at StarWarsToyMuseum.com. Our site continues to grow as a resource for Star Wars fans and toy collectors. We’ve been so fortunate to have talked to some great fans who’ve shared pictures of their Star Wars collectibles with us.

Thanks to you – the fans – we have seen some Star Wars toy holy grails – including a vinyl-cape Jawa, Blue Snaggletooth and gold-painted Darth Vader case.

We’ve also had some amazing opportunities thanks to this site. Just to name a few:

A portion of our collection was on display for several months as part of a 2008 exhibit celebrating modern toys as art at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, North Carolina. We were contacted in Feb. 2011 by a research assistant for The Oprah Winfrey Show who wanted our help finding the biggest Princess Leia fans in the world.

More recently, we were contacted in June 2012 by someone from Guiness Book of World Records as the staff was trying to update the entry for the person who has the largest Star Wars collection. We told them to contact uber-fan and collector Steve Sansweet.

On our site you will find news about the latest Star Wars toys and collectibles. We tend to focus on the 3 3-4 Star Wars action figures, but we will try to be as inclusive as we can.

We hope that you will enjoy our site and participate in our online discussions when we have them. More importantly, we hope that through your love of collecting Star Wars toys and action figures, you will help keep the magic of Star Wars alive for future generations. Welcome, and enjoy!

Remember, the Force will be with you, always.

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