Star Wars Action Figure Collection: Princess Leia Organa

It was her plea for help that sent us on the initial adventure, and from the moment we first saw her leaning over a little droid, we were enchanted. It was love at first sight. The rebel forces followed Princess Leia across the galaxy in an ultimately successful bid to defeat the evil Galactic Empire. Toy collectors have spent the past three decades scouring the … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Star Wars Early Bird Figures Due to Ship in November!

Star Wars toy collectors who purchased Wal-Mart’s exclusive Early Bird Figure Pack and mailed in the redemption certificate are about to be rewarded. We at Star Wars Toy Museum have just received word that the Early Bird Action Figures will be shipping in November. The Wal-Mart exclusive Early Bird Figure Packs captured the nostalgia of Kenner’s original 1977 Star Wars “Empty Box” figure set. The … Continue reading

Burger King Offers 31 New ‘Sith’ Toys

If you are one of the diehard Star Wars collectors who has been binging on burgers and fries for the past five weeks, your suffering is at an end. The last wave of Star Wars toys being offered exclusively by Star Wars licensee Burger King has been distributed, and, well, the thing has left the building! But do not fret! You can still find all … Continue reading

Revenge of the Sith Toys: KB Toys offers exclusive 9-pack

KB Toys is offering its own exclusive Revenge of the Sith toy with a special Collector Pack containing nine characters from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The nine pack is one of the largest single-box sets of Star Wars action figures ever to be sold. The Revenge of the Sith Collector Pack includes the following Star Wars action figures: – a Silver … Continue reading

Revenge of the Sith merchandise: Licensees prepare to unleash new toys

Star Wars toy collectors tongues started wagging last fall with the release of the “Revenge of the Sith” trailer and are now breaking into a full pant we learn more about new Star Wars toys and collectibles being planned for release in 2005. What follows is the latest list of Star Wars licensees in the United States. From each we are already starting to hear … Continue reading