Origins of a Hobby: How the Star Wars Toy Universe Began

It began a short time ago … at a toy maker not so far, far away. Movie-related toys had virtually died as an industry when “Star Wars” hit the big screen in 1977 and captivated audiences the world over. Moviemakers and licenced toymakers found themselves scrambling to meet an unexpected, indeed unprecedented, demand for Star Wars toys. Their initial response was somewhat lame. A few … Continue reading

Star Wars Action Figure Collection: Princess Leia Organa

It was her plea for help that sent us on the initial adventure, and from the moment we first saw her leaning over a little droid, we were enchanted. It was love at first sight. The rebel forces followed Princess Leia across the galaxy in an ultimately successful bid to defeat the evil Galactic Empire. Toy collectors have spent the past three decades scouring the … Continue reading

Oh, Good – New Acquisition! Vintage Kenner AT-AT

“Imperial Walkers spotted on the North Ridge!” Star Wars Toy Museum has just acquired a nearly mint condition vintage Kenner AT-AT as part of its permanent collection of Star Wars toys. The Kenner AT-AT was one of the biggest and most highly coveted Star Wars vehicles of the vintage Star Wars toy collection. This particular AT-AT is not missing any parts, and incredibly, the lights … Continue reading

Blue Snaggletooth! A Star Wars Toy Holy Grail

Today my brother Cade and I discovered one of the holy grails of Star Wars toys – and as Darth Vader once famously uttered, “It will be a day long remembered.” Earlier this month Cade had learned from our cousin Jared that the barber in our hometown had boxes of vintage Star Wars toys in his basement that he wanted to sell. Thanks to our … Continue reading