Oh, Good – New Acquisition! Vintage Kenner AT-AT

Vintage Kenner AT-AT toy“Imperial Walkers spotted on the North Ridge!”

Star Wars Toy Museum has just acquired a nearly mint condition vintage Kenner AT-AT as part of its permanent collection of Star Wars toys. The Kenner AT-AT was one of the biggest and most highly coveted Star Wars vehicles of the vintage Star Wars toy collection.

This particular AT-AT is not missing any parts, and incredibly, the lights and sound action underneath the head still work like new. That’s hard to find in a vintage AT-AT and makes this vehicle a grand new addition to the museum’s collection.

The AT-AT was not a toy every kid had. In our childhood, my brother and I were lucky to have one. He got it for Christmas 1981, the same year I got the AT-ST Scout Walker. We were so excited to be able to re-create our favorite battle scene – the Imperial assault on Hoth and Echo Base.

Many of our friends weren’t as fortunate. The closest most of them came to having the vintage Kenner AT-AT was the cardboard AT-AT play scene that was repurposed from the “Land of the Jawas” playset from the original film. The museum has that cardboard and plastic playset in its collection as well, but it doesn’t compare to the vintage Kenner AT-AT.

Vintage Kenner AT-AT toyNo wonder the rebels eventually evacuated their icy base on Hoth! To see such a massive vehicle marching toward them must have been truly menacing.

This vintage AT-AT will undergo a thorough cleaning – and perhaps we will replace her clear chin guns as one is showing significant yellowing. Otherwise, we’re ready to put this amazing Star Wars vehicle on display alongside the action figures of our vintage Kenner Star Wars collection.

Our original vintage Kenner AT-ST is in fairly good condition but will require additional parts (top gun and new chin gun) to be complete. We’ll continue to seek those additions in the future.

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