Star Wars Toy Collecting FAQ

Question: What is the most sought after or rare Star Wars action figure?
Star Wars vintage Vinyl Cape Jawa action figure
One of the biggest Holy Grails for those whose hobby is Star Wars toy collecting is the vinyl cape Jawa. Released in 1978, it was thought that the original vinyl cape was too thin and obviously not as substanial as the cape that Jawas wore in the film (as pictured on the Kenner action figure card). The vinyl cape was therefore discontinued and replaced with a more substantial cloth cape.

Because the vinyl cape was the original Jawa accessory, and because it’s time on the market was short-lived, demand for the vinyl cape Jawa have made the little fellows quite a sensation among Star Wars toy collectors. Vinyl cape Jawa is one of the most sought-after and prized action figures of the entire Kenner line. It remains a hot item in Star Wars toy collecting circles.

Buyer beware. There are reproduction vinyl capes in the marketplace, so you may end up paying a lot for something that isn’t vintage.

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