Revenge of the Sith merchandise: Licensees prepare to unleash new toys

Star Wars toy collectors tongues started wagging last fall with the release of the “Revenge of the Sith” trailer and are now breaking into a full pant we learn more about new Star Wars toys and collectibles being planned for release in 2005.

What follows is the latest list of Star Wars licensees in the United States. From each we are already starting to hear specific product information as they movie’s May premiere approaches.

Hasbro leads the pack of licensees for Star Wars toys, games and electronics, following by:

Intec, Inc. (video game equipment)
JAKKS Pacific (TV-based video games)
Lego (toy sets)
LucasArts (software and platform video games)
RC2 Corp. (model kits)
Ubisoft (games for handheld devices)
Wizards of the Coast (Star Wars Trading Card Game)

As it has for the past two Star Wars prequels, Ballantine Publishing Group will release the novelization of Episode III. Among other publishers getting a piece of the Revenge of the Sith pie are:

Chronicle Books (illustrated books)
Dark Horse Comics (comic books)
Dorling Kindersley Publishing (illustrated books)
IDG Entertainment (publishing Star Wars Insider magazine)
Random House Audio Books (audiotape/CD fiction)
Random House Children’s Books (youth fiction, movie scrapbooks, storybooks, novelty books and color/activity books)
Scholastic, Inc. (youth fiction)
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. (publishing The Cinema of George Lucas book)

A number of apparel and accessories are on the way, including:

Accessory Network Group (Youth bags, backpacks, luggage and school supplies)
American Marketing Enterprises, Inc. (boys and men’s sleepwear)
Buster Brown Shoes (shoes)
Drew Pearson Marketing (Headwear and shirts)
Freeze (T-shirts and sweatshirts)
Fruit of the Loom (underwear)
Giant Merchandising (T-shirts and sweatshirts)
Kids Headquarters (youth clothing)
Thermos (lunch boxes)

Looking for Star Wars paper products? Here are some vendors that have what you want.

Advanced Graphics (cardboard standees)
Cedco Publishing (calendars)
IMT Accessories (journals, bookmarks and pens)
Mello Smello (stickers)
Topps Company, Inc. (trading cards)

Seasonal and Party Goods are always a welcome addition to any Star Wars line, and here are some things you can expect for Revenge of the Sith:

CSS Paper Magic Tray (Valentine’s Day cards)
DecoPac Inc. (Cake decorating kits)
Hallmark Licensing, Inc. (Party goods, wrap/bags, greeting cards, gifts and collectibles, balloons and Christmas cards)
Kurt S. Alder, Inc. (Christmas ornaments, stockings, stocking holders, tree skirts, light sets and nutcrackers)
Rubie’s Costume Co. (Halloween costumes, masks and accessories)
Wells’ Dairy (Ice cream)

Any Star Wars collector worth his or her midichlorians will want to fine Revenge of the Sith housewares. Here are vendors waiting to fill this niche:

3 Day Blinds, Inc. (curtains and window coverings)
Crown Crafts Infant Products (Pillow Buddies)
Dan River (bedding, window treatments, pillows, blankets and rugs)
Franco Manufacturing (Beach and bath towels, bath accessories, etc.)
Idea Nuova, Inc (home furnishings)
Springs Industries (Fabric)

Art, collectibles and gifts are also in high demand, and here’s what we can expect this year:

Animated Animations (Limited edition fine art)
Brand New Products (Giant Pez dispensers)
C& D Visionary, Inc. (Stickers, patches, magnets, key chains and buttons)
CDM / LEGO Writing Systems (LEGO writing instruments)
Code 3 Collectibles (Die-cast metal collectible vehicles)
Fossil (Collector watches)
Gentle Giant Studios (Limited edition mini-busts, statues, micro-busts, armory collection, bookends and dioramas)
Master Replicas (Limited edition prop replica weapons, gadgets, mini-prop replicas, vehicle replicas and blade lightsaber replicas)
Pez Candy Co. (Spring-loaded 3-D candy dispenser and candy)
Pin USA (Collectible pins)
Sideshow Collectibles (scale replicas and collectible figures)
Trends International (posters)

Wait! There is more. Here are some Revenge of the Sith products that didn’t fit in any other category.

Comic Images (gumball machines and bobblehead pens)
International Game Technology (gaming machines)
Leading Edge Promotions (Star Wars Bowling League, bowling ball and bag)
MBNA (Affinity Credit Card Program)
RoseArt Industries (arts and crafts supplies)
Walt Disney Company (Various themepark exclusives tied to Star Tours)

As you can see, the universe of Star Wars toys and collectibles is about to get a lot bigger. Get ready!

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