Star Wars Action Figure Collection: Princess Leia Organa

It was her plea for help that sent us on the initial adventure, and from the moment we first saw her leaning over a little droid, we were enchanted. It was love at first sight. The rebel forces followed Princess Leia across the galaxy in an ultimately successful bid to defeat the evil Galactic Empire. Toy collectors have spent the past three decades scouring the nearest system for action figures cast in her likeness.

So iconic is that first vision of Leia — a white-clad damsel in distress — no fewer than 10 action figures have attempted to recapture Leia as we first saw her. One of the most prolific action figures in the entire Star Wars line, so far Princess Leia has been rendered as an action figure 36 times. There’s no end in sight.

She may not have been a committee when she uttered that memorable line in “The Empire Strikes Back,” but there are certainly enough Princess Leia action figures out there today to form numerous committees.

Our favorite — No. 1:
Princess Leia Organa (Kenner – 1978)

Call us old school, but we love the original Princess Leia action figure for the very reason that, like Leia, she is beautiful and substantial. Sure, she doesn’t have flexible limbs or flowing gowns, but sometimes there’s just no beating the classics.

Our least favorite — No. 5:
Princess Leia (Hasbro – 1995)

Hasbro’s first take on Leia, released when the toy-maker resumed the line in 1995, cast Leia as some kind of sumo wrestler / steroid-taking monstrosity — call her Leia Van Damme. Horrible! Don’t get us wrong. At the time we were just happy to have Star Wars action figures back in stores after a 10-year hiatus. And Hasbro proved it could do better in more recent versions of everyone’s favorite rebel princess.

Honorable mention — No. 6:
Princess Leia (Jabba’s Prisoner)

Slave Leia as we called her was probably one of the most anticipated action figures since the first Early Bird Kit set. We spent countless hours scouring stores before we finally found her. If we had the Imperial Navy at our command, we would surely had dispatched probe droids to the far reaches in search of this Leia action figure. Priceless!


She’s a senator. She’s a princess. She’s a rebel. She kicks butt and takes names. Here are the 36 action figure incarnations of Princess Leia Organa. …

1) Princess Leia Organa
2) Princess Leia (Bespin Gown)
3) Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit)
4) Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise)
5) Princess Leia (Endor combat poncho)
6) Princess Leia (Hasbro new line – 1995)
7) Princess Leia (Shadows of the Empire – Boushh disguise)
8) Princess Leia (Jabba’s Prisoner)
9) Princess Leia (Speeder Bike)
10) Princess Leia (Mynock Hunt Cinema Scene)
11) Princess Leia (Princess Leia Collection – Bespin Gown)
12) Princess Leia (Princess Leia Collection – Ceremonial)
13) Princess Leia (Princess Leia Collection – Ewok)
14) Princess Leia (Princess Leia Collection – A New Hope)
15) Princess Leia (Millennium Minted Coin – Endor)
16) Princess Leia (All New Likeness)
17) Princess Leia (Flashback)
18) Princess Leia (Ewok Celebration)
19) Princess Leia (Hoth outfit)
20) Princess Leia (Hooded: A New Hope)
21) Princess Leia (General)
22) Princess Leia (Bespin Escape)
23) Princess Leia (Deluxe Jabba’s prisoner with sail barge cannon)
24) Princess Leia (Death Star Trash Compactor two-pack)
25) Princess Leia (25th anniversary Swing to Freedom two-pack)
26) Princess Leia (Battle of Hoth four-pack)
27) Princess Leia (Death Star Captive)
28) Princess Leia (A New Hope character glass)
29) Princess Leia (Return of the Jedi glass)
30) Princess Leia (Original Trilogy Collection – A New Hope gown)
31) Princess Leia (Original Trilogy Collection – Bespin gown)
32) Princess Leia (Original Trilogy Collector – Jabba’s prisoner)
33) Princess Leia (Original Trilogy – A New Hope Vintage)
34) Princess Leia (Commemorative Trilogy DVD multipack)
35) Princess Leia (Comic Con 2005 Exclusive Holographic Princess Leia)
36) Princess Leia (Saga Collection – Boushh Disguise)

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