Princess Leia General Uniform

Princess Leia General Uniform action figureFor a Hasbro action figure, this Princess Leia is pretty simple in a way Kenner action figures used to be. The pants are painted on, as is the general’s blouse. Her face is unremarkable and nearly featureless, as is her upswept hair.

We take issue with any action figure whose pose makes it difficult for the figure to stand unassisted. This figure seems to be one more in a line that conspires to have us buying action figure stands.

General Leia is an important figure in the line, but we aren’t overwhelmed by the attention to detail in this action figure. We all know Leia is large and in charge, and if this action figure is the best Hasbro could do, they need not have bothered. The figure comes with two blasters (compensating for something that lacks – the figure itself?) and an eight-page Force File booklet about Princess Leia.

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