Princess Leia Battle of Hoth Multi-Pack

Princess Leia Battle of Hoth Multi-pack action figureHasbro released a number of Battle Packs that gave Star Wars toy collectors ready-made play scenarios by bundling action figures and accessories based on certain scenes. The Battle of Hoth pack includes Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, R3-A2 and a taun-taun so that players can re-create scenes of Echo Base.

In this set, Princess Leia is once again in her Hoth fatigues. Not quite as intricate as the last version of the same figure, this time Leia’s pants are less padded and more simple. Her arms are positioned in a battle pose, ready to carry her blaster rifle.

It is perhaps saying something about Leia that Hasbro thought to include her in a battle pack. She really is good with a gun!

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