Princess Leia Bespin Outfit

Vintage Princess Leia Bespin OutfitPrincess Leia Bespin Gown takes Leia out of her royal white gowns and puts her in the bright red dress that was presented to her upon her arrival in Cloud City. Once again the gown is divided by working legs. After all, this Leia will see battle action as well! Her gun is slightly different from her original and was cast in blue rather than black plastic. To capture the intricacies of of the white cape she wore on Bespin, Kenner chose to include a plastic sheet cape cast in pink with a bold red scroll pattern imprinted on the outside.

This was one of the first Kenner Star Wars action figures to go through a number of variations. For the original Empire Strikes Back packaging, the image of Leia had a cut-out-background in white. A later Empire card included the darker background of the room where she and Han talk briefly before Lando invites everyone for refreshments. Also, the Leia figure itself has two variations.

One version includes a skin-toned neck for Princess Leia. If you’re going for authenticity, this figure more closely resembles the Leia we see in The Empire Strikes Back. Another version, however, has the neck painted red to match the gown and is often referred to as “turtle-neck” Leia Bespin by Star Wars toy collectors.

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