Princess Leia Endor

Princess Leia Endor action figure KennerAnother fine Princess Leia likeness by Kenner, Leia Endor again has a nice face molding and accurate hair color. This Leia figure features a nice cloth poncho with camoflauge design that is lacking in other Endor figures who had to settle for solid green paint.

This Princess Leia comes with a fitted hat (to protect her head during battle), a belt that cinches her poncho at the waist and her blaster pistol, which has been updated to reflect the new look of her armament in Return of the Jedi.

Leia really did wear pants on Endor, so it’s accurate to have divided legs in this action figure. The legs are rather far spread so as to allow for Leia’s adventures on a speeder bike. This Princess Leia action figure was included in the Power of the Force collection (that included a special aluminum coin depicting Leia Endor).

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