Princess Leia Hoth Outfit

Princess Leia Hoth OutfitOne of the worst molds by Kenner, Princess Leia Hoth Outfit makes our rebel leader look less like a princess and more like a burly truck driver. This unambitious rendering includes a jacket that is indicated merely by paint that stops just below the waist. The only spot of color on the figure worth noting is the Rebel insignia on the breast pocket.

Leia’s blaster is back to black with this action figure incarnation. Once again there are two variations of this Princess Leia action figure. In one version, she has reddish-brown hair, while in another version her hair is dark brown that is more true to her appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Another variation to note — on The Empire Strikes back card, this action figure is called “Leia” while for the “Return of the Jedi” card she is known more formally as “Princess Leia Organa.”

Caution: If buying this figure used, be sure to check the hairline on this Princess Leia action figure as it is prone to paint loss that bears an unfortunate resemblance to what we can only call male-pattern baldness along the hairline above the hairline.

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