Princess Leia Organa

Vintage Kenner Princess Leia Organa action figureOne of the initial figures in the original Kenner Star Wars action figure line, Princess Leia’s first action figure featured the rebel leader in her classic white gown. Due to molding limitations at the time, and for ease of play, her legs were separate turned her gown into a more practical pants suit, much like a 1970s woman on the go!

Her face was almost devoid of features or girlish charm — but the toymakers did see fit to give her a bust and, most importantly, her trademark bun hairdo to set her apart from the more masculine members of the Kenner Star Wars action figure line. She came complete with a plastic sheet cape and her rather disproportional blaster, prove in itself that a princess can pull up her sleeves and do battle.

This Leia action figure was re-released on cards for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, always using the same image of her standing in the command center of the Rebel Base during the tense moments of the Battle of Yavin. Because Kenner did not see fit to make figures for Aunt Beru Lars or Mon Mothma, Princess Leia is the only human female featured in the 93-character Kenner Star Wars action figure line.

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