Princess Leia Action Figure 1995

Princess Leia Power of the Force IICertainly the most unattractive of the Princess Leia action figures ever made, is it any wonder that this Princess Leia has a scowl on her oddly masculine face? If the real Princess Leia had a nose like this — and a body by Schwarzenegger — she certainly would have chosen to remain in her cell on the Death Star.

Perhaps we should be a little more forgiving of Hasbro’s first attempt to capture the essence of our rebel princess in plastic. But what were they thinking? She has a very bulked up appearance. The cape and gown are both of thick molded plastic. Both are ill-fitting and prone to falling off during play. This Princess Leia action figure came on two varying cards — the initial orange/yellow card and the subsequent green/yellow card.

Perhaps anticipating the flack she would get from Star Wars toy collectors, this Leia comes packing with a pistol and a blaster! Hardly a kid or a fan pleaser, this Leia is perhaps most notable because it was the first Leia action figure we’d seen in 10 long years of waiting since the end of the Power of the Force line in 1985. Let’s just say we’re happy to see that Hasbro has gotten better at this over time. Leia, don’t look back at this one figure. You’ve come too far, baby!

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