Princess Leia Boushh 1995

Shadow of the Empire Leia BoushhHasbro was roundly hooted by Star Wars toy collectors for its first take on Princess Leia. Not only was she ugly — she was in short supply in stores, too. Perhaps fans were pleased to fun that the Shadows of the Empire line, which in 1995/96 was running concurrently with the new Star Wars action figure line, included a Leia Boushh disguise figure that was much more in keeping with the character.

This Leia Boushh is more streamlined and therefore more accurate. Her armour and disguise is greatly detailed, as is the removable helmet. Like the Kenner Leia Boushh before it, this Leia action figure managed to remain true to Leia’s face without compromising the scale or fit of the helmet. This time Leia comes complete with a thermal detonator (a permanent but welcome fixture in her left hand) and a large blaster rifle.

Note: This figure was also released on a green card as part of the regular line by Hasbro. Hasbro got this one right, and neither Jabba the Hutt nor Star Wars toy collectors would dare quibble with this Princess Leia action figure!

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