Princess Leia Collection Bespin Outfit

Princess Leia Collection Bespin Outfit action figureHasbro’s Princess Leia Collection brought four sets of exclusive two-packs to the market. Each contained a version of Princess Leia that included the most sumptuous fabric ever used in any Star Wars action figure line. This set, the first in the collection, featured Princess Leia and Han Solo in their best Bespin attire.

Princess Leia’s red Bespin dress never looked more fetching. The bodice and arms were painted red, while the skirt was made of red fabric. The shoulders of the white cape were solid plastic and held in place the lacey white cape. The lace, while not in keeping with the true dress from The Empire Strikes Back, does create a nice patterning effect with the red of the dress showing through.

Leia’s hair is molded plastic and does a good job representing the French-inspired bun she wore during the Bespin scenes in the film. Leia comes unarmed and ready to party, while Han comes with a cloth black vest and his blaster.

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