Princess Leia Collection Ceremonial Outfit

Princess Leia Collection Ceremonial Outfit action figureThe second set in the Princess Leia Collection includes Luke and Leia as they appeared during the final scene of Star Wars: A New Hope. Luke is resplendent in his formal pants and yellow jacket, this time created in removable cloth. The medal he is awarded by Leia lies tantalizingly close in the package (no weapons are included in this set).

So far this is the definitive Princess Leia action figure in her ceremonial gown from the medal ceremony scene in A New Hope. Her large bun of hair is hard plastic, and it holds in place the fabric hair that is braided down her back – quite luxurious for a Star Wars action figure, no? Her face is a great likeness in full princess makeup, and her white gown has a painted-on bodice with a lush cloth skirt that sparkles in the light. Her belt is molded plastic.

Over her arms, which are ready to hand out medals, falls a fitted fabric cape that is sheer and also sparkles in the light. This Princess Leia may be unarmed, but with a dress like this she has a license to thrill!

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