Princess Leia Collection Endor Outfit

Princess Leia Collection Endor Outfit action figureThe third installment in the Princess Leia Collection re-creates one of the most memorable scenes from Return of the Jedi — the moment when first princess met Ewok. The set includes Wicket W. Warrick the Ewok with his removable headpiece and spear.

Princess Leia is wearing the gown that Ewoks made for her upon her arrival at the Ewok Village. Creative license was taken here by the toy maker, who apparently thought pink more flattering than the actual beige hue of the outfit as seen in Return of the Jedi. The gown is painted onto Leia’s arms and bodice while the skirts are actual fabric held in place by a fabric bow.

This Leia action figure is wearing the sandal like footwear she wore in the film. her hair is down as in the film. In back, the hair is one solid piece of molded plastic. On either side of her face, two long strands of braided plastic hair falls down to her waist.
This Princess Leia comes unarmed but ready to celebrate the destruction of yet another Death Star!

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