Princess Leia Flashback

Princess Leia action figureThis Princess Leia, part of the Flashback series that included an image of the character that transformed (at the pulling of a tab) into an earlier incarnation of the character. This was Hasbro’s way of reminding fans of the ties between the original trilogy and the characters being introduced in the new prequels.

By far our least favorite Princess Leia in ceremonial gown, this Leia’s face is unflattering and sharp. Her hair is all molded plastic, as is her gown, which makes her shoulders look to manly. The cape, molded in hard plastic, is unappealing and awkward as it falls free of her body as if she wants a shell in which to hide.

Her hands are permanently posed with bended elbow as a medal is offered to a victorious rebel compatriot. This Leia fails to dazzle and is another unnecessary addition to the Hasbro Star Wars action figure line.

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