Princess Leia Jabba’s Prisoner

Princess Leia Jabba's Prisoner action figureKenner never attempted to re-create Leia as Jabba’s prisoner, and with the plastic molding limitations of the time, perhaps that is just as well. Hasbro’s first take on Princess Leia as Jabba’s prisoner was greatly anticipated by Star Wars action figure collectors.

Star Wars toy collecting is still predominantly a male-dominated hobby, and the introduction of a scantily clad princess Leia was certainly a welcome addition to the Star Wars action figure line. This Princess Leia’s face was molded in nice detail, with her braided hair cast in hard plastic so that it does not get in the way of her nicely detailed brass bra. The cloth skirtlet is hard plastic as well, covering her lower half more than would later versions.

A chain of hard plastic falls taught from behind so that when this Princess Leia is placed in front of Jabba the Hutt, she truly appears to be his captive. This figure came on the green/yellow card. The only variation was a foil sticker that sometimes replaced the image already on the card. Oddly, the foil sticker contained the same image. Perhaps with this figure, it was thought that flashy was better. The figure was also offered later with a Freeze Frame image from the film Return of the Jedi.

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