Princess Leia Speeder Bike

Princess Leia Speeder Bike action figureSome people just won’t sit still. This Princess Leia action figure — the third in the new Hasbro Star Wars action figure line to be placed atop a speeder bike — has trouble standing because of her lack of holes in the feet to allow for use of a figure stand.

Princess Leia’s camoflauge poncho, molded in pliable plastic, is removable to reveal the jumpsuit she wore to the rebel briefing just prior to the raid on Endor. Her helmet is a permanent fixture, as are her knee and elbow joints that allow for leg and hand movement to better sit atop the speeder bike. The position of her arms, however, never really looks natural when she isn’t speeder-biking through the forest.

Leia’s speeder bike varies (in markings and decorations) from those piloted by Hasbro’s Biker Scout and Endor Luke.

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